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Buttery Biscuits

I LOVE these biscuits. So simple, easy to make and it tastes so good. I've made it several times now and every time it turns out well. There are a couple of things that I have found that helps the whole process.

After combining the flour, baking powder and salt together its time to add the starter and cream. I find that adding the cream a little bit a time. When the starter and the cream are in completely the result will be quiet crumbly. I have been using the thickest cream I can find. It gave a lovely flavor. At this point its time to add the cubed butter. The butter should be on the harder side of soft if that makes sense. You want to have bits or blobs of butter in the dough in the end. Once I cut the biscuits I place them on a parchment paper lined baking pans and put them to chill. They taste fine if you don't but I didn't find that less butter is lost of the biscuits are chilled first.

That's it. Easy as can be. And they stay nice for several days after (I only know that far because they get eaten so fast.)Enjoy!


9g baking powder (2 tsp)

5-8g coarse salt (1 – 1 ½ tsp)

200g sourdough starter past ripe if possible (3/4 cup stirred down)

190g heavy cream (3/4 cup)

228g unsalted butter cubed (1 cup)

Milk for brushing the tops of the biscuits


Preheat oven to 375F.Whisk flour, baking powder and salt.Mix in cream and starter (paddle on mixer, two knives, or pastry blender).Begin adding the cubed butter. If using a mixer, pause the machine after half the butter is added and break apart the dough with your hands. Don’t overmix. Final dough should be crumbly with small chunks of butter.Pat into a 1-inch thick round. Don’t knead.Cut biscuits, reshape the scraps and cut again.Arrange on a greased baking sheet or parchment paper, and brush the tops with milk.Bake 23-25 minutes, and cool on a rack.

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